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Frequently Asked Questions

We totally get it... you might have a few questions still before joining the beta or requesting a demo. We tried to compile the questions you might have.

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  • Is smartiz an app I can download and install on my tablet?
    Smartiz is a solution which includes a tablet, a docking station and a software, all of which we provide as an integrated service. To reduce the risk of theft in hosts' properties, the tablet is protected through geotagging and the best mobile device management that exist, it also means it receives free over-the-air updates, and we take care of all after sale services for our hosts.
  • I have already got a concierge app to interact with my guests, what's the difference with smartiz?"
    We have researched extensively the apps which provide concierge services, and we are confident no apps so far will succeed in the environment where guests have to download it first before their stay at a property. If you already have an app that offers a live concierge, look at your data, how many times it has been used and have 100% of your guests used it? Smartiz can replace that app and do even more: it provides you with the ability to push behavioral nudges to the guests, provide all the experience information from one place and create more up-selling opportunities for you to generate new revenue streams.
  • I'm a property manager, how could smartiz help me?"
    Smartiz enables all property managers or renting agencies by creating the front office directly within the properties under management. That means, gone are the days you need to have personnel available for check in/check out times, you can automate those activities, establish a relationship wiht the guests and act as the front office of the owners you represent. We have measured 76% reduced cost of concierge services at the properties having installed smartiz during our beta program.
  • I own or manage a hotel, could smartiz help me too?"
    Smartiz's intelligent software can be deployed on existing devices in hotel rooms, enabling a new level of digital experience and integrating all hotel services in one place. For hotels looking to upgrade their digital experience altogether, smartiz can offer a much more cost-competitive solutions to what already exist, as it is extremely easy to deploy and maintain and offers the same security architecture as the mainstream hospitality solutions. Get in touch with us so we can study your needs and evaluate how best we can help you.

Wonder how the journey continues?

Well, it does imply you to join our beta program, so we can learn and create the ultimate digital experience for guests. Together.
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